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Key Real Estate Associates , LLC
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Key Real Estate Association, LLC
217 Broadway., Suite 309
New York, NY 10007
Phone: 212-233-1700
Fax: 212-233-6455
email info@keynyc.com
The Company

Key Real Estate Associates, LLC. is a full service real estate company, offering a wide range of services to cooperatives, condominiums and rental properties in the New York metropolitan area. The firm manages 30 buildings comprised of approximately 2,750 units.

The principals of the firm have instilled in our professional staff the need to be aware of and responsive to the problems facing both ownership and management. Our staff of 17 employees includes account executives, assistants, accounting clerks, closing/transfer agents and other support with expertise in all facets of residential property management including finance, building repairs and maintenance, New York City code and regulation compliance, sales and leasing, supervision of staff, etc.

Our job is to ensure the safety and well being of all residents and to work closely with your building’s Board. We emphasize effective upkeep of the physical plant and a pro-active approach to addressing the maintenance and repair of all major building systems. We develop preventive maintenance programs to assure the most efficient use of your building’s staff and work to prolong the longevity of the various building systems.

In conjunction with the physical management of the property, capable financial management is essential. At KEY, we review and carefully monitor all building expenses and budget variances to reduce costs incurred. Our financial statements are thorough easily read and are presented in a timely fashion. Annual budgets are prepared and submitted for review well in advance of every new fiscal year.

Effective property management begins with an open line of communication between the managing agent and the Board in every regard including building conditions, general policies and day-to-day operations. This approach is augmented by on-going discussion of changes in local laws, legislation, etc. Efficient management is delivered through KEY’s team approach, attention to cost effective methods and our various computer services. Professionalism is achieved by the hiring and continual training of intelligent, experienced managers and support staff.

KEY maintains a property to manager ratio of six (6) to seven (7) buildings per account executive. Experience has proven that this is the optimal number of properties for an account executive to oversee in order to assure and preserve hands-on involvement and regular contact between the manager, building personnel, the Board and Key support staff.

KEY Real Estate Associates, LLC. is a unique management firm that delivers personalized service.

For more information on our services and how we can assist you, please contact Phil Whalen, our Chief Operating Officer, at 212-233-1700, or by e-mail at: pwhalen@keynyc.com.